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Damavand Ski Tour Cost and Price

We organize best quality ski and snowboard tours to Mt Damavand Iran.
The cost of a tour is depended to the Timing, Itinerary, exact number of participants in a team, the required Logistic and Services, type of hotel and the type of Damavand Tour package. Damavand Price per person will be estimated when all the necessary info are given. There is no general purpose price list.

The important factors which determine the cost are the itinerary and number of participant in your group, as the number increase, the cost per person will decrease significantly. We may offer you the exact cost when the number of your team is known.

It is suggested to clarify in what time of the year you decide ascending, fix your plan and itinerary, and let us know more details and enable us to offer you the best quotation.

Any change in itinerary, the required services and the number of the participant in your team will affect the price per person.

Imporant Note
Attention all foreign tourists visiting Iran, due to sanction, embargo and boycott of Iran and Iranian banks:

1- When transferring money, do not mention the name of Iran, just mention Ski Touring.

2- You can not use ATM system and your credit card in Iran, so be advised to bring enough money in cash with you.

3- Visit also Tourism Tips.

Deposit Policy
To register your tour, it is essential to pay 50% of your total cost to our account as deposit 30 days prior to starting date unless otherwise specified. And pay the remaining 50% balances in cash in Euros on the first day of the tour. Clients whose balances are not received by the 30-day deadline as stated above, risk forfeiture of their place on the expedition. Read also Disclaimers.

Requierd Information
If you have an inquiry about the price of a tour please fill in the following form and send it by email and give us some info about your travel to enable us to give you the best possible quotation and discuss the details.

1- Your name:
2- Your age(s):
3- Gender(s):
4- Nationality:
5- Itinerary:
6- Climbing route:
7- Starting date of Damavand tour:
8- Exact number of participants in your team:
9- Your mountaineering experience/level(s):
10- Services and logistics you need:
11- Do you need Iranian visa support:
12- Type of hotel you need:
13- Arrival and entry date/time to Iran:
14- Planned entry point:
15- Departure date to your country:

If you need help to fill the form please see this model.

1- Your Name: John Smith
2- Your age(s): 25, 35, 45 years old
3- Genders: Two males, one female.
4- Nationality: British
5- Itinerary: 5 days
6- Climbing route: South route
7- Starting Date: 15 Feb 2014, (the same as arrival day)
8- Exact number of participants in your team: 3 persons
9- Your mountaineering experience/level(s): Ordinary up to 4000 m
10- Services and logistics you need: Full pakage
11- Do you need Iranian visa support: Yes
12- Type of hotel you need: 5 stars (Laleh Hotel)
13- Arrival date/time to Iran: 15 Feb 2014, at 2 am
14- Planned entry point: IKA International Airport Tehran
15- Departure date: 25 Feb 2014, 2:30 am

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Deposits are not refundable in case of any cancellation.

Second Chance
We don't want to be harsh, just want to be transparent in our words hope you understand us.There is a second chance to use your deposit. If we organize your next trip either for sightseeing or mountaineering tour to Iran in the following year, we may consider the previously paid deposit as your registration fee for the future travel by our mutual agreements.

In case of any cancellation or postponement, a cancellation notice should be send at least 20-days prior to the course, trek and/or expedition date so we will keep the full deposit for your next program. The requests must be asked by email and be received in our office within the period, as stated above.

Iran Mountains
Iran Mountains

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