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Mount Damavand South Route Campsites

The south route of Damavand Mountain is the most comfortable and favorite face for climbing, skiing and snowboarding, read some info about the camps located on this side.

Damavand South Route Map
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Damavand Map
Mount Damavand Map

Damavand South Route Resorts

Damavand Camp 1 Polour Complex Campsite 2270 m - 7,447 ft
Polour Camp is the best starting point for the south and the west route of Mt Damavand.

How to go there:
Tehran > Haraz Road > Polour village > Polour Camp. (approx 2 Hours)
If you travel from Tehran, Polour is a shortcut to the mountain. It is a new established resort made by Mountain Climbing and ski Federation of Iran.

Mt Damavand Camp1 Polour
Mt Damavand Camp1 Polour

Damavand Camp 1 Reyneh Resort 2078 m - 6,817
Note: Reyneh Camp is not recommended any more!
Tehran > Haraz Road > Reineh > Reineh Camp (approx 3 Hours).

Damawand Camp2 Base 3040 m - 9,973 ft
Also called Goosfand Sara Shelter or Mosque.
In winter you can not go you to Damavand BaseCamp by car, because the gravel road is covered by snow and ice, so you have to start your climb from the gravel road junction. Visit also Damavand Warning.

Damawand GPS Landmarks
5- Gravel Road Junction
Begining of gravel road to basecamp, in winter you should start climbing from this point.
The gravel road to basecamp is covered by snow and ice and it is imposible to use car.
If you travel either from Tehran or north of Iran, you will come to this junction anyway.

Altitude 2458 m
Latitude 35-52-47 N
Longitude 52-07-16 E

Damavand Camp2 Base
Damavand Camp2 Base

Damavand Camp 3 Bargah Sevom (New Hut) 4250 m - 13,845 ft
In winter By 6 to 8 hours climb you reach the Bargah-e Sevom New Hut, you may carry heavy equipments yourself or use porters. No foot paths are visible, it is not easy to find them, if you start in the morning you have enough time to reach the camp in time, use the day light only, never start in the darkness. Visit also Damavand Weather Forecast.

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Damavand Camp3 old shelter and the new hut
Damavand Ski Touring

Damavand Camp3 Old Shelter and the New Hut

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