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Lasem Ski Resort
Lasem is a small village near Haraz Road in Mazandaran Province, it is a cosey place for acclimatization and exercise before attempting Damavand Ski Tour. There are only few local houses for accommodation in Lasem Ski Resort.

Please note Lasem is a remote village in winter and there is not any restaurant or proper place such as hotel, hostel, refuge, lodge, shelter .... for accommodation in Lasem, it is highly recommended to reserve and book your room in advance or use the Polour Hut as your resting place. Polour Lodge is a very comfortable hostel.

- Remember Damavand Weather Condition condition could change to disastrous in winter, with strong winds up to 100km/h and freezing temprature reaching -60°C at the summit, you must be well-experienced for such a difficult climb or ski mountaineering expeditions in harsh climate on Damavand Iran, and further more remember that rescue and medical facilities are not available in case of injury and emergency you need a good luck for surviving, so extra care should be taken for climbing and ski in winter and it is done by your own risk.

- In bad weather and stormy situation, poor visibility or darkness, it is not safe to go to the area without a reliable navigation unit like a handheld GPS receiver.

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Damavand Winter view
Mount Damavand Winter view from Polour
Photo by A. Soltani

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