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Darbandsar Ski Resort Iran

Darbandsar is a small private ski resort which is located in a Village with the same name on the slopes Mt Seechal, about 60 Km NW of Tehran in Alborz Mountain Range. It is among the 7 major ski resorts near capital city Tehran. Darbandsar Ski Resort is the second most challenging resort after Shemshak in Iran. You may ski from Dizin to Darbandsar, but go back by car!

This resort is not crowded even during the peak of ski season, so if you prefer to do non stop skiing and without wasting your time in lifts queues, then this resort is the best choice. Darbandsard Village is not far from Damavand Mountain, so it is good place for practicing before attempting Damavand Ski Touring. A great number of ski lovers attend Darbandsard ski field. The resort offers good slopes for off-piste skiing and snowboarding. The region is fine for extreme skiers. Visit also Darbandsard Weather Forecast.

Ski Resort Darbandsar Tehran, Iran
Darbandsar Ski Resort Tehran, Iran
Photo By A. Soltani

Targeted Activities
Hiking & trekking, climbing, winter sport mountaineering, ice climbing, ski, scrambling, cross-country skiing, snowboard, off-piste skiing, rock, mountain bicycle, ski mountaineering.

Resort Statistics
Resort Type: Alpine
Board Leashes required: No
Heliboarding: Not available
Snowmobiles: Not available
Variable Snow and Ice conditions!
From ice early in the morning to cream in afternoon
There are good coaches to teach you ski too.

Season Availability
Skiing time December to April
Open to Public: Weekdays.

Quick Facts
Altitude: 3150m
Snow Depths: 2 to 4m
Vertical Drop: 500m
Highest Lift: 3150m
Lowest Piste: 2650m
Skiing at night: No
Built in 1982
2nd choice in Roodbare Ghasran area.
Different levels: from beginner to experts.

Total 5 Ski Lifts
2 ski lift, chair lifts,
2 hammers
1 surface
Lift times: weekdays only
2 restaurants

Major Ski Resorts Near Darbandsar
Shemshak 2 Km
Dizin 10 Km
Mt Tochal 22 Km
Ab Ali 52 Km
Mt Damavand 55 Km

lack of accomodation and a low capacity of car park.

Weather Forecast
6 Day Weather forecast and snow summary Darbandsar and Iran.

Located in the Alborz Mountains, 60 Km northeast of Tehran, Village Darbandsar, State Tehran, Country Iran.

Nearest Airport
IKA International Airport or Mehrabad Airport Tehran, Iran.

How to go there
Transportation to Darbandsar
Fly to Tehran IKA International Airport and then travel by road to the Darbandsar Village. Only accessible by road and can be reached by coach or car. The journey time is about 60 to 90 minutes drive from Tehran. After a heavy snowfall, snow chains are often necessary for the last part of the journey. There is no railway station in the area.
Note, in winter after a snow or stone avalanche the Dizin Road may be closes to traffic.

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