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MDST is the Official Website of Mount Damavand Guides. The most experienced Iranian mountain guides and the leading tour organizer for hiking & trekking and ski climbing tours.

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The MDST guides are specialists in Damavand ascend tours, mostly have climbed more than 100 times to the Damavand summit and are the members of 100 Damavand Club, and others are members of Iran Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation . These high qualified guides share their experience to give you the best chance of success to summit of Middle East.

The MDST team is consist of the mountaineers who have been climbing in Iran for about 30 years and guiding for 20 years, our guiding group are guarantee of safety and quality days on the mountains.

We organize quality Damavand Ski Mountaineering and Damavand Trekking Tours which range from a simple summer hiking, ideal for complete beginner, up to advanced alpine style winter climbing.

If you are planning to visit Mt Damavand Iran for trekking, climbing or ski mountaineering then this is the right place to get all the necessary info to enjoy your mountain tour.


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Insurance Important Note

We strongly recommended you to have all risk insurance that covering medical and evacuation from remote area. The insurance should cover also helicopter flight that could occured in Mt. Damavand expedition.


Climbing can kill you!
The main aim of this topic is to help make you aware of dangers in mount climbing, it is necessary to have a certain level of experience in mountaineering as a requirement for joining a Mt Damavand climbing tour.
High altitude mountaineering, such as climbing Mount Damavand Iran are amoung the most dangerous sport activity on earth, climbers get injured, harmed, wounded or die every year. Frankly we cannot think of any more dangerous sport activity on earth!

Perhaps some climbers do not understand the risks, or do not take them seriously enough.
It is impossible to know what it looks like to be on Damavand unless you're been to 5000m or higher before. Just because you can climb to upto 3000 meters mountains doesn't mean you can climb to 5671m. Only some of the equipments are similar, its a whole new game. They think accidents just happens to others or to those who make mistakes, one can get injured or die in differen ways on mountain. The strongest Mt. Everest climber ever, Babu Chiri Sherpa, simply stepped in the wrong place and fell into a crevasse and died in 2002.


Damavand Weather and bad judgment are the main caused of deaths and injuries on mountains. Some climbers rely on weather forecast reports, but they are forecasts, and one day could be wrong too.


Climbing too slow on the summit day may cause problems to some climbers if they reach late to the summit, they may get caught in the darkness and bad weather on the way down.

Avalanches and Falls

Falls and avalanches, Damavand Avalanches, are another major cause of injuries and deaths on the mountains, everyone has his own risk level. Mountaineering is a high risk activity, what is your risk level? A lot of people get injured or die in car and train accidents in the city, in airplane crash, by crimes or due to terror every year, much more than on the mountains. Everyone should make his own judgment on the risks. Traveling is a risk even to your friend or family's house, even in traveling you have to judge the level of risk you are willing to take.

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