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Damavand Ski Touring

Mount Damavand Ski Tours

Ski touring Damavand 5670-meter is an everlasting memory! Skiing the entire Damavand mountain slope, which descends about 12,000 meters (40,000 ft.), is doable in ideal snow conditions.

Explore VIP private climbing tour packages for Mount Damavand by checking out the Damavand trekking tour itinerary. These private tour programs are excellent choices for Mount Damavand hiking, especially on the south route. You can adjust and personalize a package according to your schedule and preferences. They are highly recommended for climbers from other countries and visitors.

Mount Damavand Ski Touring
Mount Damavand Ski Touring

Damavand Ski Touring vs. Damavand Ski Mountaineering
What separates Damavand ski touring from Damavand ski mountaineering?

Understanding the various types of skiing, ski mountaineering touring, and Damavand ski touring. Ski climbing and ski touring are available in Iranian mountains. With ski touring and ski mountaineering tactics, one can ski in the backcountry on unmarked or unpatrolled isolated terrain. Ski mountaineering requires greater skill and equipment and is riskier and more challenging. The main difference is that Damavand ski mountaineering requires ski ascents over more difficult terrain, such as steep slopes, glaciers, rocks, and ice.

Damavand Ski Mountaineering

At Damavand, ski mountaineering is more difficult, risky, and expensive to successfully complete. The key distinction is that skiing requires negotiating more difficult terrain, such as steep slopes, glaciers, boulders, and ice, in order to reach the peak of Damavand. Acclimatization and practice ski mountaineering to further summits, such as Alam-Koh summit, the Doberar ridgeline, including Bazmchal top, Chengizchal peak, Parvaneh summit, Angemar pinnacle, Mount Doberar, Suzchal top, etc., may also be included in the ski mountaineering program. Damavand ski mountaineers may need to use climbing methods and equipment to reach the highest points of the Doberar or Damavand mountain ranges before skiing back down.

Damavand Ski Tour

Damavand ski touring is often done on less exposed slopes and doesn't require much climbing skill. The Damavand ski excursion is more appropriate for novices than ski mountaineering. Ski touring does not require expert skiing or climbing abilities and may be done on easier terrain and leads up to a Damavand camp, like Camp 3 Bargah Sevom Shelter. To acclimatize and get ready for Damavand ski touring, you can ski at the on-piste or off-piste ski resorts listed below, including Tochal ski resort, Dizin ski resort, Shemshak ski slopes, Gole-Zard peak, and Lasem Backcountry remote area. Before attempting ski touring up Damavand Mountain, beginners should train and acclimate in these resorts. Learn more about Damavand hiking tours at Mount Damavand tours. It has info on all the essential details.

Damavand Ski Mountaineering Tour
Mount Damavand Ski Mountaineering Tour

Ski mountaineering Mount Damavand Iran, the highest ski resort of Persia and the Middle East and one of the most popular ski resorts in the word for wild ski tours is rewarding. Damavand ski resort is an ideal place for winter sport activities such as ski-touring, ski mountaineering, snowboard touring, off-piste skiing, wild ski tour and backcountry ski tour.

Due to its proximity to the Caspian Sea, Mount Damavand experiences significant snowfall throughout the year, particularly in the winter. The greatest Damavand ski touring route is the south route, which offers a gradual ascent up to 5200-meter before becoming steeper just before the summit. On other faces, ski mountaineering to Damavand is substantially more challenging. Damavand can be skied in the winter and spring.

The Damavand ski resort lacks any mechanical infrastructure, such as a cable cabin, chair lift, gondola, or ski lift. In order to ascend, one uses skis, snowshoes, or crampons (skins).

Damavand ski season
Damavand ski season and the ski timing depends on the local snowfall. The amount of snow varies from year to year depending on the weather and snowfall. Ski season in Damavand may begin in mid-November and last through mid-May. The usual months for Damavand ski tours are March and April. It is advised to examine the snow conditions in advance before deciding on a schedule and leaving for the destination.

Mountain Ski Touring Damavand
Generally speaking Iran's Mount Damavand is a well-liked location for climbing, hiking and trekking in the summer. But Damavand has recently gained popularity for ski touring and snowboarding because to its 5670 m tremendous height and easy accessibility from the capital city Tehran. On gentle skiable slopes, it is feasible to ski downhill for roughly 12 km in ideal conditions. One of the best off-piste ski mountaineering resorts in the world, without a doubt.

Polour Village complex mountain resort, which is about two hours' drive from Tehran, marks the beginning of the south and western routes for Damavand ski mountaineering. In the winter, Polour Hut is open. The Cosmiques hut in the Mont Blanc Massif is around the same size as this resort. Before you decide to start, carefully review the Damavand weather prediction. You can ski to the summit of Damavand only in calm conditions. Otherwise, set aside some time for favorable weather and acclimatization. At the first ski resort, organize your ski gear. Find more details in Damavand Tour.

Damavand Ski Mountaineering Tour
Mount Damavand Ski Mountaineering Tour

Damavand Ski Tour 2024
Damavand Guide is your best resource for information on Damavand ski, hotels, sights, restaurants and Damavand ski tour guide. A team of expert Iranian ski mountaineers, offers mountain guiding aid for hiking, climbing, and Damavand trekking tours. For incoming groups and foreign mountaineers, Damavand private ski tours are totally recommended. The Damavand ski-touring (classic program), days of wild skiing, is one of the greatest itineraries for leisurely 5-7 days. The level of difficulty is high. You will ski up Doberar Mountain and across Damavand Mountain. Ascending Damavand peak and skiing down from its summit are required for this expedition.

Damavand trekking tour (4-5 days), Damavand ski adventure tour (5-7 days), Damavand climbing tour north-eastern route (5 days), and Mount Doberar ski tour + Mount Damavand ski touring are only a few of the excursions available through Tours by Damavand Guide. We are the premier Damavand ski tour provider in Iran. The most expertise is possessed by our mountain guides. From our office in Tehran, we organize a range of events. Mount Damavand is accessible all year round, however most people agree that the greatest hiking conditions are in the summer and the best ski touring conditions are in the winter. Visit also Ski resort in Lasem Village.

During this tour, you will be skiing up to Damavand's summit through the southern trail, which is regarded as the easiest and passes via the huts with the most amenities. To plan your ski tour and return to your destination, use Damavand Guide. There are no additional costs for Damavand tour, so book with confidence. Free guidance on Damavand. Experience a handy small-group tour to get a closer look at the culture while skiing in Damavand. Active tourists can take part in Damavand economy tours. Reserve yours immediately! Apply via email.

Damavand Ski Mountaineering Tour
Mount Damavand Ski Mountaineering Tour

Iran is very distinct from the rest of the region in terms of skiing prospects in the Middle East! For various types of skiing, such as ski touring to the Alborz mountain, ski touring to Damavand, and other guided ski packages in Iran ski tours, there are numerous big mountains with high peaks and ski slopes.

The services that Damavand Guide provides in the Damavand ski resort and other nearby ski areas include guided ski tours to the Doberar Mountain (4050 m) and the Changizchal Summit (3630 m), ski adventure tours to the Angemar Peak (4020 m), and Iran ski tours to the Parvaneh Mountain (3750 m). Visit this page for more helpful information in Lasem Village and Lasem skiing resort staring point to Mount Doberar.

Additionally, Iran local ski guides provide guided ski tours and ski touring guides to other Iran ski resorts like the Zagros mountain chain for ski tour packages as well as for regular skiing on marked ski runs and ski slopes for snow skiing and snowboarding, such as ski guides to Tochal, Dizin ski resorts and ski mountaineering guides to Shemshak ski slopes, etc. Read more in Lasem and DarbandSar ski resorts.

Damavand Ski Tour
Mount Damavand Ski Tour

Iran Ski Tour

Other Iran Ski Touring & Ski Resorts

Iran has numerous huge mountains with high summits and slopes that are appropriate for different styles of skiing. Make the most of your ski vacation. Personalized care all-inclusive Iran ski tour packages. Mountaineering and skiing are both popular activities in the Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges. Wild ski touring has a huge potential in these mountain ranges. Excellent skiing trip with pleasant company! If you've been wanting to go skiing in Iran for a while, contact Damavand Ski Tour Guide.

Schedule for a full-board five to ten-day ski trips includes skiing up Mount Damavand and taking advantage of free-riding opportunities in the country's powder snow at the Alborz & Zagros mountains, Mount Alam Kouh (Alpine of Iran), Mount Doberar ridgeline, Mout Sabalan, Mount Zard Kouh, …. The ski season in Iran begins early due to the beautiful snow on Alborz Mountain. Adventure skiing on white snow in Iranian highlands.

Damavand Mountain Ski Tour
Mt. Damavand Ski Tour

ski touring program in Mount Alam kouh and Mount Damavand plus a cultural tour to Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd or Kashan ...
You will ski up Alam-kouh (4850 m) and Damavand (5670 m) during this route. Skiing in Alborz. Skiing on Mount Damavand. Customized trips. Highlights of the trip include skiing on lengthy runs that are close to an accessible ski resort. Trek Iran's Mount Damavand: If you want to do hiking, mountaineering, ski touring, or snowboarding, you may climb Mount Damavand and Mount Alam Koh in Iran.

Ski Tour to Mt. Damavand and Mt. Doberar
In the center of the Alborz mountain range, next to Mount Damavand Iran, is Mount Doberar, also known as Doberar Ridgeline and Doberar Massif. An expert skiing experience on top ski expedition tour to the ski areas close to Lasem village. The most extensive range of amazing and noteworthy Iran ski vacations.

The Mount Damavand ski excursion along the Doberar Ridgeline ski tour is one of the best ski mountaineering tours in Iran. Ski touring in the Doberar Mountains and Damavand is a unique experience. There are many slopes that are devoid of both rocks and trees. the best skiing available in Iran. Luxury ski vacation packages. We plan your perfect ski trip to Iran.

Ski the Do-Berar Ridge and Mount Damavand
From Polour resort it takes around 40 minutes drive to Lasem village, which is the starting point of Mount Doberar ridgeline. Ski all day long to one of the following peaks: Parvaneh Peak, 3950 m, Doberar summit 4250 m or Changizchal Peak 4100 m then driving back to Polour Campsite 2,200 m  or stay the night at Lasem village 2750 m. If you would want to personalize the tour package in part depending on your needs, it might be doable.

Mt. Doberar Ski Tour
Mount Doberar Ski Touring

Ski ascents of Sabalan (4810 meters) and Damavand (5670 meters) are part of the itinerary. The tallest mountain in Iran, Damavand, is among the best terrain in the world for confidence, style, and ease. by visiting Shiraz or Esfahan for a cultural excursion. The Mt. Sabalan ski-touring program gives skiers the opportunity to ascend one of the most notable peak in Iran while also enjoying skiing there. Mount Savlan Iran is one of the favorite targets before trying Mount Damavand. It is a good resort for off-piste ski touring, snowboarding, and wild skiing.

Zard Kouh
For those who desire to ski in the wild in Iran, the Zagros mountain range, has many major mountain peaks over 4,000-meter above sea level such as Zard Kouh which is the best skiable peak. Travel out of the route, here mount Zard-Kouh is a nice virgin area to ski for crazy ski riders. Mt. ZardKuh ski touring is the greatest Iran ski vacation. Iran's ski resort, a popular location for winter sports activities, Iran is home to the tallest ski resort in the middle east. Ski the backcountry safely with knowledgeable guides. Split board trips and backcountry skiing with Iran Mountain Guides.

Damavand Ski Resort

Damavand Ski Resort
Mount Damavand is the highest ski resort in Iran for ski touring, wild ski expedition, ski mountaineering and snowboard. Damavand receives heavy snowfalls in winter because of its vicinity to the Caspian Sea. The south route is not technical and it is an ideal route for Damavand Ski Touring and snowboarding. Skiing on other sides is difficult. There is no mechanical facility such as gondola or telecabin lifts in the area and you should ascend on feet or on skis.

Damavand Timing

Depending to the weather the amount of snowfall, Damawand Timing is different each year, the ski season may starts from mid November and last untill mid May. It is a good idea to check the amount of snow in the area before you fix your plan and travel to the area.

Targeted Activities

Ski mountaineering, ski touring, climbing, hiking & trekking, wild ski, snowboard, off-piste skiing, dowhill ski, snowshoe.

GPS Track

This GPS track file is ideal for ski and snowboard lovers to enjoy about 3000 meters long distance and 1400 meters vertical drop during winter and descend from the summit to camp3.

It is the best descend track of the south route ideal for wild ski and freestyle downhill to avoid rocky parts. This descend trail is located between Damavand peak 5671m and the Camp 3 New Hut 4250m, the covered area is  without any guideposts. In good visibility you can find your way easily. Please note this track is different from ascend trail.

Ski GPS Track File in GPX Format
(Damavand summit to Camp3 New Hut)
by Garmin Oregon 550 Navigator

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GPS Tracks for Mt Damavand Iran.

Quick Facts
Skiiable Distance

Gravel Road Junction No5 in GPS Landmarks.: Starting Point
Summit to Camp3 Hut: 3300 m  
Camp3 to Camp2 Base: 4700 m
Camp2 Base to Junction: 4000 m
Total Distance Summit to Junctio: 12000 m

Altitude: 5671m
Max Vertical Drop: 3400 m
Highest Resort Altitude, Camp3 New Hut: 4250 m
Lowest Resort Altitude Camp1 Polour: 2270 m
Snow Depths: 2 to 5m
Distance from Tehran: 80km

Damavand Season Availability
Skiing season varies from November to May


6 Days Damavand Weather Forecast

Located on Haraz Road 80km North East of Tehran, in Mazandaran Province.

Nearest Airport
IKA International Airport or Mehrabad Airport Tehran, Iran.

How to go to Damavand Ski Resort, Transportation
Tehran> Haraz Road> Plour Village> Camp1 Polour
Fly to IKA Int Airport in Tehran and then travel by car to Polour Village, the journey is about two hours drive from Tehran. After a heavy snowfall, snow chains may be necessary for some part. Note, Haraz Road is crowded with traffic jams in Persian holidays and weekends.

Major ski resorts near the area.
AbAli Ski Resort.
Darbandsar Ski Resort.
Dizin Ski Resort.
Lasem off piste ski area.
Shemshak Ski Resort.
Tochal Ski Resort.

What are the differences between ski mountaineering, ski touring, and freeride?
Skiing disciplines such as freeride, ski touring, and ski mountaineering all entail backcountry and off-trail travel. Each activity, however, has unique traits and distinctions of its own. Below is a list of the distinctions:

Freeride skiing:
Skiing off-piste in ungroomed terrain, such as steep slopes, powder bowls, and glades, is known as freeride skiing. Skiers that practice freeride skiing look for natural obstacles like cliffs, drops, and jumps in order to do tricks and jumps. Freeride skiing is often done within the boundaries of a ski resort or in backcountry locations reachable by lifts. Freeride skiing frequently entails quick accelerations, leaps, and other acrobatic maneuvers.

Ski touring:
Ski touring is the activity of skiing in the backcountry on unmarked terrain, frequently far from civilization. Ski tourers often employ specialized skis made for both uphill and downhill travel, as well as skins that fasten to the bottom of the skis to give traction on ascents. Ski tourers typically use their own strength to climb a mountain, ski down the same way or a different path, and repeat. Depending on the terrain and the skier's objectives, ski touring can be a relaxing activity or a challenging workout.

Ski mountaineering:
Ski mountaineering is the activity of skiing in high-mountain terrain like glaciers, jagged ridges, and narrow couloirs. Ski mountaineers frequently use technical equipment to navigate the terrain, including ropes, harnesses, ice axes, and crampons. Strong technical abilities, knowledge of snow safety, avalanche awareness, and mountaineering procedures are all necessary for ski mountaineering. Ski mountaineering can be a multi-day trip and frequently involves both uphill and downhill travel.

Other Differences
The following are some further significant distinctions among freeride skiing, ski touring, and ski mountaineering:

Terrain: Whereas ski touring and ski mountaineering take place in the backcountry on unmarked terrain, frequently in remote locations or high-mountain situations, freeride skiing is typically done on steep, ungroomed slopes within a ski resort or accessible by lifts.

Equipment: Standard downhill skis and boots are typically used for freeride skiing, whereas ski touring and ski mountaineering need for specialized equipment including touring skis, skins, and climbing skins. Technical mountaineering tools like ropes, harnesses, ice axes, and crampons are also used by ski mountaineers.

Risk: Although there is a chance of injury from falls or accidents, freeride skiing is generally thought to be less dangerous than ski touring and ski mountaineering, which expose participants to more natural risks including avalanches, steep terrain, and extreme weather.

Goals: Whereas ski touring and ski mountaineering are more focused on discovery, adventure, and enjoying the natural environment, freeride skiing is frequently more concerned with performance and style.

Summery: To summarize, all three styles of skiing—freeride, ski touring, and ski mountaineering—involve going off-piste and into the backcountry, but they vary in terms of the terrain, tools, risks, and objectives. Ski touring or freeride skiing are good places for beginners to start before progressing to ski mountaineering as they develop experience and proficiency.

Damavand Tour

The most reliable source of information regarding hikes, climbs, and treks to Iran's Mount Damavand
Trekking and climbing tour in Damavand.
Damavand mountaineering tour.
Mount Damavand tour.
Damavand private climbing tours.
Trekking tour Damavand mountain.

Damavand Guide

Best source of information for trekking and ski touring to Mount Damavand.
For more info visit: Damavand Camp.
Read more articles in: Damavand Ski Guide.

Mt Damavand Winter
Damavand Winter Climbing
Photo by A. Soltani

FAQs Mount Damavanad Ski Touring

Q: What is Damavand ski touring? A: Damavand ski touring, also referred to as skiing on Mount Damavand or Damavand mountain skiing, involves the exhilarating activity of navigating snowy slopes and captivating landscapes on this renowned Iranian summit.

Q: Can you provide me with information about ski tours on Damavand Peak? A: Certainly, ski tours on Damavand Peak, often denoted as Mount Damavand, present a remarkable opportunity to combine skiing with the excitement of exploring one of Asia's highest volcanoes.

Q: How challenging is Damavand mountain skiing? A: The level of challenge in Damavand mountain skiing varies depending on the chosen route. It accommodates both seasoned skiers and beginners to the sport.

Q: Is backcountry skiing feasible on Damavand? A: Indeed, backcountry skiing on Damavand, also recognized as Damavand backcountry ski touring, stands as a favored choice for those in search of off-piste escapades and pristine slopes.

Q: What's the most suitable time for ski touring on Mount Damavand? A: The optimal period for ski touring on Damavand, also labeled as Damavand ski mountaineering, spans the winter months when the mountainside is draped in snow, typically from December to April.

Q: Are there guided alternatives for Damavand ski trekking? A: Yes, guided Damavand ski trekking tours, or Mount Damavand ski expedition guided trips, are accessible. These tours provide invaluable expertise and safety direction while venturing through the stunning environs.

Q: Can I combine ski mountaineering with a trek to Damavand's summit? A: Undoubtedly, merging ski mountaineering with a trek to Damavand's summit, also acknowledged as Damavand ski trekking peak, constitutes a remarkable approach to embracing skiing and mountaineering challenges concurrently.

Q: What sort of equipment is essential for Damavand ski touring? A: Adequate equipment for Damavand ski touring, including skiing gear such as skis, bindings, poles, warm attire, and safety gear, is imperative to ensure a secure and gratifying experience.

Q: Can you elaborate on the altitudes involved in Damavand ski mountaineering? A: Damavand ski mountaineering, or skiing on Damavand, encompasses various altitudes, spanning from the mountain's base to its awe-inspiring summit, presenting an array of elevations to explore.

Q: How can I prepare physically for Damavand skiing? A: Preparing for skiing, or engaging in Mount Damavand ski touring preparation, involves enhancing endurance through activities like cross-country skiing, backcountry skiing, and other skiing modalities.

Q: Are there options for solo ski touring on Damavand? A: While solo ski touring on Damavand, or skiing alone on Mount Damavand, is feasible for adept skiers, it is advisable to possess adequate skills, terrain knowledge, and safety measures.

Q: What's the significance of Damavand Iran ski tours? A: Damavand Iran ski tours offer a phenomenal means to delve into the country's natural beauty, culture, and the allure of this iconic peak.

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